I love art. When I was a kid, drawing was my number one love. It stayed that way up until the seventh grade, when I started writing raps. The rest, is as they say, history. I actually drew many of my early album covers, as well as random merchandise designs over the years.

I was having dinner with a close friend, two years ago when she randomly told me I needed to start drawing again. Drawing for fans of my music, drawing tattoo designs, and one of a kind pieces for people's walls. I listened to her, and it's become a very fulfilling business! Drawing brings out the perfectionist in me. Once I start a piece, I can't stop till it's finished. It's just how I am. I sit for an average of 5-8 hours or longer per piece. People who commission art from me, do it because they know my music, and understand the value of having an original piece, drawn and signed by me, for their private collection. If your looking for a sketch, for a tattoo design, for cheap, this is not what I do. There are tons of talented tattoo artists who can sketch for you. I offer one thing, original art, by me, for you. 


I ask for 300$ deposit to start drawing. Due to the experience of a few people having me spend hours on a drawing, then disappearing when it came time to pay, deposits are a must. I send customers a paypal request for the deposit, and when I receive it, I begin, often finishing the same day, which is why I ask people to make sure they are ready to pay the entire balance at the time they pay the deposit, because nothing is worse than me waiting to be paid after I spent hours drawing for you. 

Pieces average 750$ and up, all depending on size and detail. You receive the original piece, signed, in a Mat-frame, seated in a plastic sleeve, or I can frame it myself before I ship it, for a bit more.  And that's it ! Email me at with your inquiries