3MG - Grand Caravan To The Rim Of The World


3MG - Grand Caravan To The Rim Of The World


Murs, Scarub and I formed our group, "3 Melancholy gypsys" in high school. And we named our first album around that same time. An album that didn't actually get made until almost 10 years later. This time of my life is somewhat a blur, I can't remember if I made Enigma before, after, or even during the 3mg process. We wanted to go somewhere far away, and stay together for a month to record this album, we chose London. We stayed in an old white people house, way out in Essex, the country, where we would walk 20 mins to the train when we wanted to head into London, about a 40 min train ride. I flew to London with a couple bottles worth of pain killers..I ran out in the first 3 days. This was right after my fiancée left me, I was a wreck. Scarub and murs had no idea. But threw pain came art. Damn interesting art if you ask me. We brought my whole studio in a crate on the airplane. Set up our studio in the kitchen, and recorded this adventure. We shot our one and only video for the song "Signs" a few days before I decided to get clean, and went to rehab. As a result, I missed the tour, and the album never got the recognition it deserved. I put so much work into this album, and enjoy it as one of my favorites.


  1. Intro
  2. Halo
  3. Young Man
  4. The Plannit
  5. Signs
  6. Nautilus
  7. Interlude
  8. And If
  9. Color Blue
  10. Chant
  11. 3 rings
  12. Countdown
  13. Interlude
  14. Beautiful Mind
  15. 3 Men Marching
  16. Armageddon
  17. Landing
  18. Child 2 Man
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