Gandalf Beat Machine: Level 2

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Gandalf Beat Machine: Level 2


The crazy thing about this album, which has been out of print for years now, is I put it together in a few days, in my living room, of that first apartment, specifically for Japanese release. MaryJoy wanted an exclusive project, so I came with the idea of another beat machine album, and they liked that idea. So I made it in 2 or 3 days..and it turned out to be kind of a gem. I remember some of my rapper friends getting mad at me for putting some of those beats on there, because they wanted to rap on them. haha..Very moody project, cover art drawn by my Japanese friend DJ Quiet storms wife at the time..


  1. No Words
  2. Hustling Outside A Cafe
  3. Alien Travel
  4. *....One Of Those Things...*
  5. Dirt Bump (Grimey)
  6. Trip 2 This
  7. Sunset (Future is Now!)
  8. Heavy Bass. Heavy Heart (Deep)
  9. Chakra Light
  10. Butterflys
  11. Rest in Peace Dedication
  12. Staring at the Stars
  13. The Monk
  14. Riding Water Over Time
  15. Bird Race
  16. I Am Born
  17. On A Mission To Love
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