The Grouch & Eligh - Say G&E!

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The Grouch & Eligh - Say G&E!


From No more greener, to SAY G&E, I went from out of control, to newly clean and sober. Fresh out of rehab, well, a year or so clean I believe, we started the journey of SAY G&E. Grouch and I banged out some of our best work on this album. I believe I produced 90-95% of it, and had some of my best beats at the time. I love this album. We mixed it, had it mastered, and it became our biggest album yet.


  1. Intro
  2. Say G&E!
  3. Push On (Push Up)
  4. Old Souls (feat. Blu)
  5. Boom (feat. Slug)
  6. Denial 
  7. I Know You Wanna Feel
  8. Teach Me the Way
  9. All In (feat. Gift of Gab, Pigeon John)
  10. Do It Again (feat. DJ Fresh)
  11. Rivers Run Dry
  12. No Flowers (feat. Paris Hayes)
  13. Comin' Up (feat. Mistah FAB)
  14. Worried About The World (feat. Mike Marshall, Sage Francis)
  15. Sign of The Times (feat. Mark Bell)
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