Pre-Order Bundles

I'm very happy and excited to share this new album with you! This is my first self produced album since Grey Crow. I will be offering 3 pre-order options for purchase, and bundles will no longer be available once the album is released. The Last House on the Block is set to drop 6/15/18. Much love!


Digital Pre-Order

Pre-order the album through iTunes and pre-save the album on Spotify.

CD + Shirt Bundle

You get a full color print shirt (first time doing this) and CD. Full color print costs more, but we had to do this Evidence photo right for the release. Includes a sticker pack.

$40 + shipping

Vinyl Bundle

You get the CD + Shirt Bundle with double vinyl and hat.

The double vinyl bundle is limited to 300 only. Once they're gone, they're gone!

$80 + shipping