Free Patreon Downloads

Click below to get these Patreon exclusives for FREE, the song Diamonds on the Radio and the Beyonder art piece.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I’m offering on Patreon. This was one of my more popular downloads that my $5+ Patreon subscribers received in February 2019.

The art piece is in super high-res so you can print it out and frame it. Songs like this are not going to be available anywhere else but Patreon.

Looking for more exclusive eligh songs and art scans?


Come join the Crow Fam on Patreon!

For those who don’t know, Patreon is a subscription / membership platform where you can support independent artists like me on a monthly basis and get exclusive content and access you can’t get anywhere else. Tiers start as low as $1 a month, but I’d recommend the $2 or $5 level.

Subscribe at $5/month on my Patreon to get:

  • An exclusive song

  • A high res art piece scan

  • A Podcast episode

  • Access to my monthly video chat

  • Random goodies (extra art pieces, rare instrumentals)

  • Early access to new releases and behind the scenes content

So far, I’ve released over 16 songs and art pieces through Patreon, with a bunch of other random instrumentals, songs and art pieces. I’ve done 12 podcast episodes where I’ve gone indepth into my albums and share stories with the other Living Legends. You can access all this you can’t find anywhere else.

Click below to learn more about all the different tiers: