On Sacred Ground: Mother and Son (Digital Download)


On Sacred Ground: Mother and Son (Digital Download)


My mom and I spoke about recording our own project together for a while. We collaborated on a children's book as well, and decided to merge the two with On Sacred Ground. This album, is very close to my heart. Obviously working with your mom on an album is something very rare and special, but also, the combining of folk music, and hip hop, was a concept that made me excited. Any challenging creative road brings me energy, and gets my juices going. This album jumps back and forth between straight up hip hop songs, with my mom singing the chorus, and people like the Grouch, Slug, and Pigeon John joining, to straight acoustic folk songs. Somehow, it all made sense. It is a project that I feel never got its due listen. I hope you find this, and cherish it like I do.


  1. Poet Man (feat. Robert Miranda)
  2. By and By (feat. Paul Dateh & The Grouch)
  3. Honor Me (feat. Pigeon John)
  4. The Prayer
  5. Sara (feat. Jiro Yamaguchi, Robert Miranda)
  6. Embrace
  7. Starchild (feat. The Grouch, Mark Bell)
  8. Safe (feat. Slug, Pigeon John)
  9. Ocean of Love
  10. Angels (feat. Shanti Foster)
  11. Praises (Jiro Yamaguchi, Mark Josephson, Robert Miranda)
  12. Sacred Ground
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