A Story of 2 Worlds (Digital Download)


A Story of 2 Worlds (Digital Download)


I was living in East Oakland, in a giant warehouse with all my Living Legends brothers, which Sunspot named "The Outhouse". I remember recording this, once again, using Grouchs ASR-10 to make the beats, and this time, an ADAT digital recorder. Everyone was out of town. I had the Outhouse to myself, and I recorded song after song, inspired by my wild imagination. This album is heavy with memories for me. It features all my Living legends fam, plus, the first  appearance of my cousin Basik, who recorded a few songs with me while visiting from L.A. Basik shows up on almost every album of mine Ive ever recorded after we met.


  1. Hesitation
  2. Coincidence (To Find U)
  3. 8tred [Web Defense] (feat. Scarub)
  4. Nothing Sacred (feat. Basik)
  5. Lust (New Life Theme)
  6. Plantlife (feat. Bicasso)
  7. Interlude
  8. 1998 (Fast Times)
  9. Metro Camoflauge
  10. 7 Year [Wandering] (feat. Murs)
  11. Head Check
  12. Quantum Thought [Homebound]
  13. Fisherman's Lot
  14. Doghouse Bar (feat. The Grouch)
  15. Appreciation [Among Family] (feat. PSC, Sunspot Jonz, Basik, Asop)
  16. Congestion (feat. The Grouch)
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