Gandalf's Beat Machine: Level 3


Gandalf's Beat Machine: Level 3


This was another project I made over a weekend. I make a lot of beats. I love producing, and I do it just for fun in my spare time, so putting together a journey through instrumentals is extremely fun for me. I made this for an LRG collaboration. Its packed full of different sounds, from different eras of my producing. I really like this one!


  1. Dawn
  2. To Be Alive
  3. Green Miles
  4. Strange LA Girl
  5. Hacker
  6. The Legend
  7. My Love Won't Stop
  8. Desert Mines
  9. Don't Leave Me
  10. Kimmy's Doll House
  11. Starscream
  12. Pictures in Paint
  13. Desicated
  14. Breath
  15. Missing the Feeling
  16. Throwback
  17. All Breezy
  18. The Yard
  19. Clockwork
  20. Rally Up
  21. Sunset Prowler
  22. A Gyspy Theme
  23. Looking Glass Tale
  24. Dream of Me
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