Gandalf's Beat Machine 1 (Digital Download)


Gandalf's Beat Machine 1 (Digital Download)


My first instrumental album, made while staying in LA at my moms house. I had visions when I was younger, of playing my beats to huge crowds, in the middle of deserts, mountains and forests, on huge sound systems, but the mic took first precedent. Otherwise, I believe I would have been one of these huge instrumentalist-djs, who play their beats for millions of people a year..! Still want to honestly..This album was the second project picked up by MaryJoy, and has some beats I treasure to this day.


  1. The Crow
  2. I Know Gandalf
  3. It's Simple
  4. Melancholiest
  5. Legendary Slump
  6. A Plethra
  7. Tunora Dome
  8. My House
  9. Traveler
  10. Sandstone
  11. Gandalf's Staff
  12. It's Not What I Do
  13. Jungles of City
  14. I Can See Threw You
  15. Idea Man
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