Gas Dream (Digital Download)


Gas Dream (Digital Download)


I had recently moved out of the Outhouse, and into a smaller little spot with Grouch and Bicasso in East Oakland. We recently returned from Japan, during which I bought a Roland 640 digital recorder. No more 4track..I remember performing ''Night and Day" at Broke ass summer jam in Frisco, the day I released Gas Dream. It was my first semi-popular "Eligh" solo song, show wise..Highlights of this album to me, include recording " A lesson Garden " with one of my favorite rappers, Del. Also, this album was the first project picked up by MaryJoy, a Japanese indie record label which put out many underground albums in the last 90's-early 2g's..I was super excited to have press, vinyl, posters, and love in Japan.


  1. A Gas Dreamer's Intro
  2. Actors Have No Friends
  3. Lifesize Puzzle (feat. Scarub)
  4. See The Priest
  5. Forks in the Road
  6. Mingus and Me (feat. Mystik Journeymen)
  7. Coincidence Pt. 2
  8. A Lesson Garden (feat. Del Tha Funky Homosapien)
  9. What You Do
  10. Nightlife
  11. Antique Remix (feat. Basik)
  12. Chronic
  13. It's What You Receive
  14. Soul Man (feat. Pep Love, The Grouch)
  15. Mission Complete (feat. Aesop)
  16. A Gas Dreamer's Farewell (feat. Luckyiam)
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