Grey Crow (Digital Download)


Grey Crow (Digital Download)


This album was my first in which I handed over the mixing controls once again, to my new partner in sound engineering, Chris Thompson. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend, and he impressed me from the get go. Im so particular about how my music is mixed, and presented to the world, and Chris mirrored that sentiment. The beats I was making during the time I created this album were high caliber in my eyes, I was in the zone. I had a lot to talk about, and wanted to delve deep into my experiences with addiction, and overcoming the darkness. It was an album where I first felt the deep need to try and help people by telling my story. I felt like people needed to know, there is wisdom to gain through struggles over come. This album is thick with guest appearances as well. I went ''All in" with this album, and people call this album they're personal favorite of mine.


  1. Sad of Eye (Intro)
  2. Angel of Death
  3. Soul on the Road
  4. Love Ov My Life (feat. Luckyiam, Paris Hayes)
  5. Find Yourself (feat. Paris Hayes)
  6. When I'm a Dad
  7. Wish I Would
  8. Miss Busdriver (Rachel)
  9. Shine (feat. The Grouch, K. Flay)
  10. Stuck With You (feat. Aesop Rock)
  11. Desire  (feat. Inspired Flight)
  12. Skitzo (feat. Basik, Ellay Khule, Scratches by DJ Bonds)
  13. Whirlwind (feat. Pigeon John)
  14. Wake Up! (Brother Ali, Lisa Ahlstrom)
  15. Beneath The Sea (feat. Zumbi, Scarub)
  16. Maybe So 
  17. Suffocate (feat. Lisa Ahlstrom, Marty James, Paul Dateh)
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