This album was a big deal for me. I had just moved into my first apartment on my own, was renting a crappy little hole in the wall studio near by, and was fully in my creative pocket. We had just put out "Almost famous" as Living legends, and I went in to create Poltergeist next. This album is the first album I took to be mixed in a big studio, by someone other than myself. I remember being in the studio when Robert Horry hit that game winning 3 in the playoffs that year, and almost losing my voice. I also remember beginning my fast decent into opiate addiction. It was a magical time, yet on the brink of a very dark time as well. The music captures these feelings. I spent a lot of money and time on this album. This is many peoples favorite albums of mine.


  1. They're Here (Intro)
  2. Worldwide By Word of Mouth
  3. Pattern Traps
  4. Born To Pay For The Past
  5. Ancient Grandfather
  6. The Mountain
  7. Funk (feat. Bicasso)
  8. Universe Will Provide
  9. Thought Process (feat. Murs)
  10. 3 Minute Rip Down
  11. Dreamscape 7 (Window To The Next Plane)
  12. The Lot
  13. Outhouse (Remember Back..) (feat. Bicasso, The Grouch, PSC, Sunspot Jonz)
  14. M.I.C.helle (feat. Basik)
  15. A Poet Sits... (Abstract Rude)
  16. To Angela (The Last Love Song)
  17. Meditation (feat. Jo Wilkinson)
  18. Bring It Down 
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