Sidewaydaze (Digital Download)


Sidewaydaze (Digital Download)


I caught a ride with someone back to L.A, to stay with my mom while she recovered from Neck surgery. I remember it was hot, and I brought my EPS-16, my mic, and a 4track down to L.A with me. I was back at home, where I had access to all the movies my mom had, movies I loved. "Legend", "A christmas story" and "The Hobbit" cartoon..I sampled these movies throughout the album, which I ended up writing and recording in a 7 day period. If you ask me what my favorite album is of mine, this one comes up in my mind first. Song after song, I wrote and recorded, until I had this very interesting mosaic of stories, and concepts I didn't really know were as complicated as they were. I made the beat, I wrote the lyrics, then record them all to 4track, then moved to the next song. What an album this was..


  1. Intro (Sidewaydaze)
  2. Positive Dreams
  3. A Change of Heart
  4. Makeshift Message
  5. Lighthouse Blue
  6. The Owl and The River
  7. One Day Intro
  8. One Day (feat. Rick Rick)
  9. Dark Suite
  10. Intrusive Lady
  11. Elec.Trickman
  12. A Time Out
  13. Powerful (feat. Tom Slick)
  14. Second Chances
  15. Archatect Morris
  16. Abuse
  17. Words
  18. We're Back!
  19. Pain (Let It Go)
  20. 99outers
  21. Hip Hop The Show
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