The Brother's Grime (Digital Download)


The Brother's Grime (Digital Download)


I remember, Magi was Djing for Murs at the time, and we were all getting ready for the country wide Paid Dues tour, one of the most fun tours I've been on. Magi and I wanted to have something to sell at the shows, and he was deep into the grime, and brand new dubstep scene. I loved the vibe of his beats, and that style allowed me to show case my chops, so we just vibed, and I recorded a bunch of trippy songs over his beats. One of the songs, was me rapping over a dubstep remix of a Justin Timberlake song, which I ended up performing for many years after. This project is a mix of original songs, me rapping over other peoples beats, mixtape style, remixes, and instrumentals by me, and Magi. Theres some really cool shit on this album.


  1. ?!?!
  2. Saving Face (feat. Basik)
  3. French Class Antics
  4. Score First
  5. LA Disciple
  6. Angels Gavel
  7. Brother's Bridge
  8. Syndication
  9. Hot Asphalt Grime
  10. Greycrow Mix Up
  11. Love Thrice
  12. Rebel Sound
  13. Super Heavy Slack
  14. Grown Refix (feat. Mystic)
  15. Why? Refix (feat. Goapele)
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