The Grouch & Eligh - The Tortoise and The Crow


The Grouch & Eligh - The Tortoise and The Crow


We wanted to make something no ones made before. A triple album, with a Grouch solo album, an Eligh solo album, and a G&E album all in one. We did that with The Tortoise and the crow. We launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this enormous effort, and you guys came through in a huge way. We honestly had no idea it would go that well, and we were super appreciative considering all the time put into creating all the music involved with this album. Its pretty damn epic.! Im still a fan of Grouch after all these years, and love creating music with him. This is so packed with music, and 3 different journeys, its the experiences of the Tortoise, and the Crow.

G&E - 333

  1. Introcentric
  2. Ashes to Ashes
  3. I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N
  4. Run (feat. Pigeon John)
  5. So Complicated
  6. Hella Fresh (feat. Kreayshawn)
  7. All These Lights
  8. Fireflies (feat. Steve Knight)
  9. ANX (feat. Prof)
  10. The Knock
  11. Say Eligh! Say Grouch!
  12. Akfam (feat. Blu)
  13. People of the Sun (feat. Kyle of Slightly Stoopid)
  14. End Game

The Grouch - Lighthouses

  1. The POSSE
  2. Stuf is Tuff
  3. Lighthouses
  4. We Want The World (feat. Zumbi, Bicasso, Tre Nyce)
  5. My Garden
  6. Nice To Know Ya
  7. Get Strong
  8. My Best Teacher
  9. When The Love's Gone
  10. Corey's Angels
  11. Good Man

Eligh - Nomads

  1. Begin
  2. Paid The Price (feat. Adam Theiss)
  3. Journey (feat. Codany Holiday)
  4. My God Song
  5. All On You (feat. Natalia)
  6. Dark tinted (feat. Brevi)
  7. Weightless
  8. Attracted to Pain
  9. Refuge
  10. Ferocious
  11. The Healer
  12. Morning After (feat. Adam Theiss)
  13. Walk the Walk (feat. The Grouch)
  14. A Different Way (feat. Ellay Khule)
  15. Young
  16. Regina
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