Therapy At 3


Therapy At 3


Not long after Grey Crow, Amplive hit me up about collaborating on a project. At first, we talked about an instrumental album, where we would split the duties, but then, I realized he had another view, he would do the producing, I would rap. I was like, oh hell yes. Im in. The title "Therapy at 3" came to me before we even recorded the first song. If you can picture a yellow post it note, stuck to the fridge, with "Therapy at 3" written in red on it, that was the concept, like an appointment to music therapy. The songs reflect this concept. I went through a bad break up, wrote about it. I was trying to quit smoking cigs at the time, I wrote about it. The crazy thing is, months after the album was done, and about to come out, I was re-writting the lyrics out on paper, as a part of my memorization process, and I realized, some of these songs I wrote, were speaking to my current situations. I went threw a serious battle with anxiety after i finally did quit smoking, months after the album released. I believe this album to be one of the most high quality projects Ive put out.


  1. Intro
  2. First Contact
  3. Guides
  4. Destination Unknown (feat. The Grouch, Zumbi)
  5. Stethoscope (feat. Basik)
  6. Devil's Medicine
  7. Beautiful Addiction (feat. Grieves & Blake Hazard)
  8. Metronome
  9. Tattoo Song
  10. Ms. Meteor (feat. Steve Knight)
  11. Stop Running
  12. What's In a Name
  13. Ego Killer (feat. Inspired Flight)
  14. LA Dreamers (feat. Busdriver)
  15. Outro
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